Monday, August 2, 2010

Jarrett L. Perdue Sr. Empowerment & Motivational Speaker

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What is Empowerment?
Definition: “Empowerment correlates to increasing the spiritual, political, social, or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities."
Empowerment is about processing information received, giving analysis to it, and then applying what you have received to the power that is already within you. You then take your skills, talents and potential and produce effectiveness for daily living.
Empowerment should not be about rhetoric, where you give a good discourse, excite the audience, they go home, and have received nothing. Empowerment is not about a temporary emotional hype where you feel in jubilation for a few minutes but it soon wears off.
I define Empowerment Speaking as presenting Oratorical Acumen to the audience.
  • Oratorical meaning, articulation, command of language, delivery and expression.
  • Acumen meaning awareness, experience, reasoning and levelheadedness.
The objective is to have the listening audience take the communication they receive and then make application of the information in their daily lives. One should give coherent empowerment messages to increase the strength of individuals, so anyone listening can continue to expand and develop in their own self-assurance and proficiency for daily living.
My goal in Empowerment Speaking to the listeners is threefold. I define it as the C.A.E. Method. (1) Comprehension, (2) Application, and (3) Expansion.

(1) Comprehension is taking your ability and understanding how to access information and resources for daily decision-making.

(2) Application is involving yourself in your personal growth and applying principles to accomplish your goals.

(3) Expansion is increasing and having self-reliance, self-confidence, self-responsibility in your self-image. What you think and say about yourself will be generated and manifested in daily living.
Here is something else I factor in when I present Empowerment Messages. After the listening audience hears the conclusion of your message, and have been motivated to work on self-empowerment, they need to have resources they can access. This is one of the main reasons I created our BLOG/Site entitled: 
When you go to this site, you will see a number of LINKS to go to and find Empowerment Commentaries/Expositions and Videos for Empowerment Messages. As we build up the physical body with repetition workouts, we have to build up the mind with repetition thought processing.
Attached with this site for Empowerment Speaking, are several LINKS on the right side of this posting, or click on the URLs below where I have given a concise summary for different areas of empowerment, to show how I have applied empowerment speaking to each subject matter.  See the following LINKS:


Always be ready to receive empowerment messages with positive results.

Jarrett L. Perdue Sr.